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Available 2018 Rentals

We put brand new bikes into our Rental Fleet at the start of every year. The Giant Comfort Bikes are sold at the end of our rental season. As started in 2012, the claims period now begins in April (still with a late-November/December release). A $100 deposit (or payment in full) will reserve the specific size, gender and color (if applicable) bike of your choice. The Rental purchase price for the 2018 Rental Fleet of the redesigned Giant Sedona DX Disc is $370. Other rental comfort bikes are as priced below.

The 2018 Rental Fleet is a mix of the new Giant Sedona DX Disc model and a selection of new prior years' models. Most are equipped with 3x8 Trigger or Twist Shifters - Some have a 7speed internally geared hub.. Base MSRP is $450 for the 2017 models and $510 for the 2018 model. We install a Water Bottle Cage, Bell, Kickstand w/Rubber Foot, and Flat Sealant (within front & rear tubes). Comparable new purchase cost is approximately $490 to $565, respectively.

Our Rental Bikes will be detailed, tuned-up and released for pick-up for the end of November to early December, depending on seasonal weather conditions. All Giant brand Rentals come with the manufacturer's full warranty as if purchased new. All our Rental Sales come with our '"Lifetime Free Adjustments" policy as well.

Below is a of our current 2018 Rental Fleet that can be reserved for an end-of-November/December pickup. Those that have a deposit or have been sold are indicated by a strike-through font. We will update this list as frequently as possible. Take a look from time to time as we may add various longer-term rental units to our sales list.

If you have any questions, please call us directly, rather than use email.

Below is a list of our 2018 Rental Fleet that can be reserved with a $100 deposit. These units will have a Late-November/Early-December 2018 Release Date (after Detailing & TuneUp).

Men's Sedona - XS/15" - Black/Gold - $300
Men's Cypress EX-7i - Small/17" - Coffee w/Fenders - $400
Men's Sedona DX Disc - Medium/19" - Black/Green - $370 CLAIMED!
Men's Sedona DX - Medium/19" - Charcoal/Red - $300
Men's Sedona DX - Medium/19" - Dark Silver/Red - $300
Men's Sedona DX - Medium/19" - Charcoal/Red - $300 CLAIMED!
Men's Sedona DX Disc - Large/21" - Black/Green - $370 CLAIMED!
Men's Sedona DX Disc - Large/21" - Black/Green - $370 CLAIMED!
Men's Sedona DX Disc - Large/21" - Blue/Orange - $370 CLAIMED!
Men's Sedona DX Disc - XLarge/21" - Black/Green - $370 CLAIMED!

Women's Sedona DX - XS/15" - Charcoal/Blue - $300 CLAIMED!
Women's Cypress - Small/17" - Silver/Turq/White - $300
Women's Sedona DX Disc - Small/17" - Aqua - $370
Women's Cypress EX-7i - Medium/19" - Cream w/Fenders - $400
Women's Sedona DX - Medium/19" - Black - $320 CLAIMED!

From time to time, we also have one or more of our Specialty Rental Bikes available for sale and immediate distribution (after Detailing & TuneUp). See the listing below for descriptions and pricing

Miami Sun Recumbent - 3x8 speed - Red - $650
Giant HalfWheeler - Tow Behind - White - $75
Women's 26" Electra Townie 21D - Pewter (w/Silver Fenders) - $420 SOLD!
Women's 24" Electra Townie 7D - Vanilla (w/Silver Fenders) - $390 SOLD!
Giant 24" Revel Jr. Youth MTB - Black/Red - $150 SOLD!


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